The Mission

The Sixers are loyal group of super fans who join forces to support BasedAF & SuperMassive in their quest to "become the Mr. Beast of the metaverse". We each own at least one full set of BasedHeads and come together to impact the fate of Trashland…for better or worse.

Sixers Channel - Discord 

The Sixers channel is a place for top-tier holders to provide solution-oriented comments around a specific topic/work-in-progress. 

Located in the official BasedAF Discord, access is gated by Sixers role which is automatically applied through Collab.Land and your wallet.  

A full set (one of each brand) of BasedHeads is required to join.

Team Meetings 

Sixers meet regularly to discuss ongoing projects and initiatives we're taking in Trashland. All Sixers are welcome. 

Meeting notes are made accessible for all, including non-Sixers, to make comments and suggestions.

Team Calendar

You can subscribe to the Sixers internal calendar here or view it in your browser

If subscribing / viewing from an account that hasn't been verified as a Sixers, non-public events will only show "busy" and won't include details. 

Sixers Meeting Notes


Still thinking BasedAF is a PFP project? Discovery why it's not.

Start here if you're brand new to BasedAF.


Learn how SuperMassive is going to become the Mr. Beast of the metaverse. 

Also, find out wtf Kwon bucks are.


The insane feat of endurance that started it all!